Kingdom of An Tir

Equestrian activities in the Kingdom of An Tir


The An Tir Book of Horse has been updated for 2017!  See the rules page for the latest.

Resources for getting started with equestrian activities

Welcome!  If you are interested in getting started with equestrian activities, try the following:

Resources for event stewards

Are you the event steward planning an event or demo that includes equestrian activities?  The following will be useful to you:

  • Make sure you have a senior equestrian marshal who will oversee equestrian activities as equestrian marshal in charge.  Your EqMIC will help ensure that all of the paperwork is in place before the event, such as activating the mandatory equestrian insurance.  Start with your closest equestrian officer if you need help finding a marshal.
  • Find the equestrian waivers for your state or province. 
  • Find instructions for activating equestrian insurance for your event in the appendices to the An Tir Book of Horse.