Kingdom of An Tir

Equestrian forms

Equestrian waivers

Use the corresponding waiver for the state or province in which the event or practice is located:

Washington (An Tir form 31)

Oregon (An Tir form 32)

Idaho (An Tir form 33)

British Columbia, Alberta, or Saskatchewan (An Tir form 34)

Equestrian event reporting

Equestrian Event Report (An Tir form 36)
To be filled out by the Equestrian Marshal in Charge and provided to the KEO within ten days after the event.  This is a fill-and-save .pdf.
Equestrian Accident / Incident Investigation Report (An Tir form 35)
To be provided to the KEM and KEO within 72 hours after an incident, after the initial notification by phone or email.  This is a fill-and-save .pdf.

Equestrian authorization forms

Equestrian 4-year Authorization (An Tir form 40)
To be filled out by the authorizing equestrian marshal.  The rider keeps the card portion, and the marshal sends the top portion to the authorization deputy, along with an equestrian waiver for the appropriate area signed by the participant.

Equestrian marshal promotion

Marshal Promotion form (An Tir form 16)
This form is required for all marshal promotions, junior and senior.  For senior promotions, send the form to the KEO who will then approve and forward to the authorization deputy.