Kingdom of An Tir

An Tir Equestrian Rules

  • An Tir Book of Horse (pdf, 1,147Kb)
    The An Tir Book of Horse contains all of the rules governing equestrian activities within the Kingdom of An Tir, covering both events and practices.   
    Last updated May 2017

  • Appendices (pdf, 251Kb)
    The Appendices to the An Tir Book of Horse contain:
    • Instructions for activating the mandatory equestrian insurance
    • Mandatory equestrian waivers for all states and provinces in An Tir
    Last updated August 2008 (and still current)


If you are traveling to an event outside of An Tir, you may also be interested in the Society Equestrian Rules.  For in-kingdom use, the ABH implements all of the society rules.